Amsterdam Whitney Roaring 1920’s Exhibit Featuring Diana Radeiko

This past Saturday I attended the Roaring 1920’s Opening Reception Soiree at Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in the Chelsea Art District in Manhattan. Guests were encouraged to dress up in their best 1920’s getup, so I obliged with feathers and pearls.

Upon entry, my eyes met with the lovely Latvian artist Diana Radeiko, and after gushing over each other’s ensembles she took me to see her paintings.

I love Diana’s fusion of free form and geometry. Her use of gray scale compliments her secondary green range which seems to leap off of the canvas. When she asked where I would place her pieces as a designer I chose to place the left piece in a bedroom over a dark wood art deco dresser. The piece to the right I would commission in large scale ceiling to baseboard dimension; to be hung in a mid-century modern style living room as a jarring focal point.

“Describing her work as “new”, “bold” and calling it “the new rock’n’roll”, Diana is drawing viewer’s attention to the conditions and moods of a depicted character. She urges the spectator to open up for something that Diana calls “aesthetically- geometric pleasure”. In her paintings, the artist is trying to find magical patterns through an exploration of facial features. She is wagering the colors and intertwining them between the complex lines of her thoughtful and soulful characters.” –

Later, we were welcomed by a true gem and Ambassador to the Chelsea art world, Ms. Ruthie Tucker in one of her signature headpieces whose couleurs du jour were hot pink, magenta, and baby pink! Amsterdam Whitney’s Roaring 1920’s Exhibition features international artists from all over the world.

I also really enjoyed the stunning realism of these floral paintings by Nancy Balmert. “Nance’s” macro view of our world is indicative of her travels; from the castles of Europe to the sandy beaches of the Pacific, her color composition, and attention to detail are immaculate. I would place her gorgeous pieces in a tea room overlooking a garden.

Architect and Artist Lawrence Armstrong’s de-framed painting also caught my eye. The dance between structure, art, shadow, and light, and his ability to achieve synergistic unbalance is awe-inspiring. I would place this piece in the corner office of a C.E.O. in any major city.

Be sure to visit Amsterdam Whitney to view The Roaring 20’s Exhibition which will be on display through October 3rd. Come back and let me know what your favorite pieces were.