Get to the heart of you and transform your space to reflect your individual taste in the healthiest way.

Offering luxury green furniture in organic upholstery, certified wood and glass casegoods, as well as artisan home decor straight from local trade manufacturers and antique dealers to ensure you get the most natural quality.



Gain access to a reputable network of LEED minded architects and civil engineers to draw up the floorplans of your life.

Our Architects work alongside green trained contractors to make your vision a reality when it is time to break ground on your property.


Are you tired of your old space? or want to build a new space from the ground up?

LEED conscious Contractors at FFH Studio work with you to help your space grow as you grow.

Truly ‘Limitless Design for a Limitless Life.’


In collaboration with your real estate agent, design your space with green furniture and antique decor to help buyers visualize themselves living there, while you visualize yourself making a sale while helping the environment!

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