Design Diary: Have you Herd?!

I ordered a pub dinette for my livingroom that came with a pair of stools, in typical me fashion, I decided to repurpose these stools for my island counter and use a different pair of stools for the pub. Done and done.

Here’s the thing…

Am I right?

The look i’m going for in the livingroom is Afro-Industrial Glam. So I had to gather the glam! I got the glam from  Herd Design based in Zakopane, Poland! Herd Design prides themselves in carrying on “The tradition of leather craftsmanship.”

“Herd covers are carefully handmade in beautiful natural skin and are not industrially calibrated. Sheep are living beings and consequently each sheep is unique: some have stiff hair, others have curly hair. Each stool cover is therefore unique, and this is precisely what makes them cosy and charming.
However, all skins have in common extreme softness, and the capacity to keep your bottom warm in winter, and insulate it against heat in the summer. ” – Herd Design.

Are we in love? Let me know in the comments below?!