Sustainable Living Promotion in Small Business

As a small business owner it is my job to establish a market for my business, and to promote the business to the best of my ability. The most important thing to me is becoming apart of a community.

Who is my client? What do they need? How can I provide it for them?

My first foray into niche small business event promotion will be a Sustainable Living Tag Sale this Wednesday July 15th in partnership with Finch Living a community resource organization.

Sustainable Interior Design is a niche market so it is very important to tailor all events and promotion to tie back in with the main goal of FFH Studio, which is to provide Luxury Sustainable Interior Design.

Why a Tag Sale?

A Tag Sale prompts one to take a hard look at what they already have and decide what they don’t need. This leave a space to implement FFH Studio’s Renew. Reuse. Recycle. philosophy, which will be fostered between neighbors at the Tag Sale where they’ll sell and trade gently used furniture, making it new again.

We hope to foster trust with our clientele, and let them know that FFH Studio is not only here to furnish their space, but to design their life.

It would not be FFH Studio if we didn’t do our best to promote “Limitless Design for a Limitless Life.”