FFH Studio is a luxury full-service sustainable interior design firm servicing New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our network of architects, civil engineers, and contractors work together to implement the healthiest most energy efficient designs that FFH Studio has to offer. They streamline your project and give you peace of mind.


How green can this be?

This is the basic principle of any FFH Studio project. We pride ourselves on the use of organic fabrics, locally sourced decor and custom, made to order luxury furnishings expertly crafted by environmentally friendly manufacturers.

FFH Studio recognizes that the design industry is evolving. Healthy luxury is a design concept that is family and pet-friendly, yet also plush, rich, fresh, stylish and inviting. It is a non-toxic and welcoming environment that truly contributes to the FFH Studio maxim of “Limitless Design for a Limitless Life.”


FFH Studio was Founded by Ferima Faye Haidara; a Senegalese and Ivorian, American born Creative Director. Ferima has a Bachelor of Technology with a focus in Lighting Design and Project Management.

As an Arbiter of Design, Ferima has traveled to Paris, London, Italy, Switzerland, Spain, West Africa and more studying Art, Architecture, Culture, and Sustainable Interior Design while building her vast international network along the way.