Design Diary: Covet Thy Corner

Happy New Year All! We have tons going on here at FFH Studio. This year I’ll start my design diary. These are my personal projects and intimate thoughts. Welcome.

I have relocated to Connecticut to solidify the FFH Studio brand and join the real estate re-development gold rush taking place in Harbor Point.

I am slowly designing my new home space. I started with this indented nook in the corner of my bedroom. I did so because I found this to be the most difficult part of the room to design. I don’t understand it, when I looked at it initially the looks didn’t spill out of me, I was perplexed at this corner. Therein lay my challenge.

Circle mirrors.

Round mirrors are big in 2018. I’m calling it. I am personally attracted to round edges because they are feminine and soft. Roundness also represents cycles to me; endless opportunities to end up back at one.

I got these circle mirrors from Target. I thought they were $39.99, per the price tag but at the register they were on sale for $23.99. Score!

Now, once I hung the mirrors, I was a little less perplexed but I was still uninspired. I went to sleep and spent the next day cleaning, and using social media. I caught up on Quinta VS. on Facebook and guess what I saw!

My circle mirror triad hanging in Quinta’s bedroom. This had to be a universal nod to my design choice as she is a personal inspiration to me, and I’ve been supporting her endeavors for some time! She even gave an incredible TEDTalk this past year.

Next layer.

One thing about me is I have to customize, even if I purchase something I need to make it my own. How could I build on these mirrors? What do I want to feel? How do I want to feel around them?

My next design layer was to add plants. A plant. A large plant right underneath the mirrors. But a plant would take up prime real estate, I could put a chair here, or a pouf for seating. We will get to that later. So I want greenery but off the floor.

Here’s what I came up with. My favorite plant, Syringa or “lilac.” Coming out of the mirrors as if growing from the walls and growing around them.

Now, my space is feeling good. Next layer. By now I want this to be a comfortable seating area that feels like you’re in an outdoor garden. The photo above was taken at sunrise.

Seating…seating is more of an investment, now we are getting into to $100-$600 range for corner seating. Here is some of the inspo I plucked from online.

So how will my corner turn out? Keep up with my Design Diaries for updates and final reveal!


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