Eating the City- Edible Installation featuring Song Dong

Last weekend, I met a very charming woman from Bejing named Jia while on my Designer Antiquing experience. She invited me to be her guest at a pop-up exhibition being presented by ACAW and BCAF.

Mana Contemporary’s behemothic  industrial gallery space was the venue of choice to hold this sprawling exhibition of architectural and edible delight.

Song Dong’s sugar-coated cityscapes featured prominent landmarks of China, and was comprised of thousands of chocolate and vanilla wafers, cookies, crackers, donut holes and even bagels!

“Food is a recurring element in Song Dong’s works. He has enacted various iterations of this project in cities around the world including Antwerp, Barcelona, Beijing, London, Nepal, Paris, and Shanghai to encourage public reflection on the rapid developments of urban cities and the dramatic disappearance of older infrastructures.” –

When it was finally time to eat the structure we were told to make a wish; more specifically to wish for peace within humanity, love for our families and friends, and the survival of the art world. Cheers!…and with that Jia and I dug in.

The Aftermath…

The symbolism of Song Dung’s Eating the City is very strong. It reminded me of humanity’s love of destruction. As the children tore down these masterpieces, I couldn’t help but feel unsettled.

Upon further reflection, I came to accept that there is beauty in breaking things down; as it presents the opportunity to build, and be better than before.

There was also an Andy Warhol silkscreen exhibition on display so Jia and I went to take it in. Here are a few of my favorites.

Special thanks to Jia for inviting me to this wonderful exhibition and sharing her culture with me! I’ll see you when I’m in Beijing!

See more great photos from the event below!









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