What’s New, What’s Next 2017 at New York Design Center

Last Thursday, I attended, What’s New What’s Next 2017 at New York Design Center. This annual event taps the industries top designers, manufacturers, and editors, for a day of panel discussions, book signings, and presentations.

200 Lexington was packed to the rafters with eager design aficionados. Very stylish, and very cool, these patrons represented well for the design industry.

My first stop was the DUNE  Pop Up Gallery with feature artist Melinda Hackett. DUNE, which is a contemporary high-end furniture company is one of my favorite shops and is known for its quirky prints and pieces. Clients also have the option of customization which is always a plus.

When I entered the gallery I was greeted with smiling staff who welcomed me to the showroom. I was immediately drawn to the large-scale 100 x 60 paintings on the wall, but I’ll get back to that later. There was a DJ mixing cool sounds and an open bar that kept the libations flowing. Each piece on the showroom floor represented the brand well, not to be found anywhere else.

The decision to showcase Hackett’s art was ingenious. The marriage between the two brands propagates a coupling that is pleasing to the eye of the consumer. It’s almost as if one should not buy a piece of Dune furniture without a Melinda Hackett piece of Art; as though they ‘belong together’. I love that.

After stopping at a few other showrooms, I made it to Global Views for a Toast to New Elle Decor Editor Whitney Robinson. Congratulations Whitney! Cheers to you! This toast was a mingling extravaganza, there were people to schmooze and decor to peruse.

I ended my evening with a panel discussion called Nature, Evolved at Phillips Collection which is known for their handmade, handcrafted designs made with natural materials.

The panel featured moderator Jessica Phillips; Interior Designer, Marc Blackwell; T.V. Personality and Interior Designer, Tyler Wisler; interior design industry forecaster and trend analyst Jaye Anna Mise, and the dynamic duo of interior design, Nicolas A Calder and Melanie Calder Russo.

Ferima’s Notes:

  • Marc spoke on his relocation to Seattle, Washington and bringing his design aesthetic in order to enhance the woodcraft legacy that Seattle already has.
  • Jaye shared about maximalism and the mixing of eclectic pieces; such as a piece from China, with a piece from your grandmother.
  • She also shared that millennials need a story in order to invest in a piece. in addition, millennials may have a shorter attention span so they will keep a piece for 5 years instead of 10. However, even when they are done with a piece, they will recycle it to family and friends; instead of throwing it away, so there is still a large design demand.
  • Nicolas Colder dropped this gem, “…always leave something out and add it in later because you can’t go back once you’ve done too much!”
  • Melanie said, even though the Calder’s specialize in realizing a clients fantasy, her higher-end clientele are open to natural design because it brings the room back to reality.
  • More from Ms. Jaye. For Spring 2018, Green is major! Natural surfaces and textures, people want to get away from the numbness that technology has garnered. They want reading nooks instead of offices, and round communal tables to eat together with family and friends. They also welcome smart homes eco-friendly spaces.

I had an amazing time at What’s New What’s Next 2017. Be sure to join NYDC’s mailing list to keep up with their upcoming events! Enjoy more photos below, see you next year for What’s New, What’s Next 2018!

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