MOSHOOD 23rd Anniversary Fashion Show

Happy 23rd Anniversary Moshood!

My client Bilal Aziz invited me out to Moshood’s 23rd Anniversary Fashion Show this past Sunday and it was a great day full of diaspora appreciation, social commentary, and love!

MOSHOOD is a Nigerian fashion designer whose tagline is “Wear Moshood, Wear Yourself.” And that we have; Moshood is a brand that has survived the ever changing landscape of Brooklyn and the erasure of cultural icons that inspired transplants to relocate to the area in the first place. It is a topic that was interweaved throughout the fashion presentation. Make your presence known in the community, because if you don’t someone else will.

Moshood was so gracious when we were introduced; I wore my Moshood White Face on Black T-Shirt with pride and I felt apart of his journey. I also stopped for a quick snap with photographer Rod Patrick Risbrook.

“I met Moshood in the 80’s, I saw a piece in the storefront of his shop, called my wife and had her meet me down there. We had some pieces made and he has been my go to designer for the last few decades…A few years ago on a cruise in the Bahamas, I was on deck and I heard someone yell MOSHOOD!!! They were talking to me, everyone knows Moshood, no matter where you go.” Laughs Bilal Aziz, my current Interior Design client at FFH Studio.

During my installation of Bilal’s art collection, I chose to place Moshood’s linen “Jesus was Black” tapestry in the foyer to be seen as guests enter the house. It foreshadows the pieces you will see as you travel through the space; strong fine art pieces that inspire social dialogue.

Check out these shots from Moshood’s 23rd Anniversary Fashion Show by Rod Patrick Risbrook! To book patrick for your event contact him at 

Be sure to stop by Moshood Creations at 698 Fulton street, Brooklyn, NY, 11217.


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