AMPLIFY! Opening Reception feat. Visual Artist Ko Smith

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This past Thursday, I attended the opening reception of AMPLIFY! Visual Art Expedition at 100 Bogart, hosted by THE CREATORS COLLECTIVE from July 27th- August 13th.

The theme of the exhition is Human Connection which is exactly how the show flowed thanks to Ko Smith, A featured Artist of the collective, and exhibit installer, who made a conscious decision to mix the works of Byron Kim, Collette Tompkins, Don Lisy, Kory Shulz, M. Moore, Maria Ribeiro, and Marna Chester throughout the space; in order to add a contrast for the viewer, that would spark further conversation.

Ko Smith is an Artist, Craftsman, and Exhibition Installer based in Brooklyn, New York.

“Deal with the situation you’ve got yourself into, son. Wrestle with it. Work hard. Don’t stop… New York City has freed itself from time; it’s time is so packed that the hours and minutes and seconds cease to matter. Numbers are numbers, every moment is designated with a task and accounted for.” -Ko Smith.

Ko has 3 works featured at AMPLIFY!

SELECTIVE ACCULTURATION– If we are to contemplate human connection then we must touch on acculturation which is a major subject in New York City. There are those who argue that the blending of cultures is a great bridge unto acceptance and understanding, while others are willing to fight to preserve their culture for their people by any means and do not welcome any forms of acculturation by outside groups. It is a fine line that New Yorkers tread daily; from our style of dress, choice of lingo and vernacular in our social interactions, as well as code switching in professional settings. Which begs the question, where do we draw the line between appropriation and appreciation?

OLDBOY– A small gun toting boy, one red eye, one blue. The Matrix?  Choices.  This chilling piece has many layers. It harkens a truth that many children face all too often, being young and faced with adult responsibilities and choices; some that will affect their entire lifes. The human connection here is that life doesn’t care how old you are, life happens to people and you have to make a decision. So what is it going to be?…the red pill, or the blue?

SEER (MEMORY PALACE: ROOM 7, PEG 3) -My favorite piece in the exhibition. SEER. Human connection is not only comprised of outside human interaction; it is also important to establish a connection with SELF, the mind. A binge watch of BBC’s SHERLOCK will tell you that a memory palace is a very complex thing, and these gifts are not bestowed unto all. A rolodex of photographic memories; every sensory encounter you’ve had in your life since birth. If you are not gifted fret not,  I am an avid day dreamer and my memories, hopes and dreams fill my days. Go into your mind and spend time with yourself, enjoy your palace.

AMPLIFY! Viewings and open rehearsals.

‘Throughout the three weeks of AMPLIFY, choreographers will be rehearsing in the space to develop new work, immersed in the visual art exhibition that will remain on display for the full three weeks. We’re opening up these rehearsals to offer an opportunity for guests to view the artwork while witnessing performing artists and their creative process.’ –

See hours and rehearsal dates HERE.

Check out these shots from the opening!

Be sure to stop by Amplify! Showing now through August 13th.

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